Intermediate SAQ

FRCEM Intermediate SAQ

The FRCEM intermediate exam is three hours long and comprises 60 SAQs. The exam is run twice a year and we aim to deliver at least two courses a year for candidates.
Our two-day revision course will cover the blue print of the exam which comprises of common competences, major and acute clinical presentations, anaesthesia & ICM, paediatrics and procedures.
We will provide exam questions that have been written by our experienced faculty and past questions that have been used in previous exams to help to consolidate skills and techniques required for passing.

Total Price: £395 inc. VAT,

Venue: TBC

If you are looking for an intensive Frcem intermediate revision session, the two day course we have formulated at EMIN Training would simply be the perfect choice for you. Our experts will assess your knowledge and preparation of this fairly tough paper by employing an extensive range of practice questions. After that we conduct an interactive session in which important questions are comprehensively reviewed by our well reputed and qualified faculty based on superb Emergency Physicians who are well aware of all the ins and outs of this exam as they have cleared it themselves.

We strive to stay fully focused on teaching particularly those topics that are most critical from Frcem intermediate exam’s point of view as well as the latest clinical guidelines that are currently being practiced in the United Kingdom. Over the two extremely busy, yet highly productive days we will provide you the opportunity to attempt multiple sets of mock papers. These questions will also be discussed in depth by the experts of EMIN Training during our interactive question analysis sessions. You can get all-inclusive model answers from the discussions.

FRCEM Intermediate SAQ Core Curriculum

When you join our course in order to carry out thorough revision before actually attempting the Frcem intermediate exam, we will focus on the following subjects:

  • Common Competences – Safe prescribing and therapeutics, critical reasoning and decision making, clinical examination, infection control, principles of confidentiality and medical ethics and many more sub topics.
  • Clinical Presentation – Abdominal pain, septic patient, major trauma, shocked patient, anaphylaxis, fits, falls, breathlessness, disturbed behavior, head injury, wound assessment, poisoning and a lot of others.
  • Anesthetic Competences – Critical incidence, Premedical, transfer medicine, recovery and postoperative room care, procedural sedation, airway management and so forth.
  • Acute Presentations – Urinary retention, chest injuries, testicular pain, abdominal trauma, traumatic joint and limb injuries and maxillofacial burns.
  • Practical Presentations – Knee aspiration, arterial, lumbar puncture, wound management, temporary pacing etc.
Isleworth, Middlesex
Cranmore Avenue, TW7 4QW
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