We are a FRCEM exam provider and aim to provide an in-depth, intensive and complete revision course directed at the exams
EMIT concentrates on common themes, college favourite topics, as well as subjects that candidates frequently struggle with. Particular emphasis is paid to exam technique.
The faculty comprises of HST, CESR and consultant lecturers who all have up to date experience and in depth knowledge to deliver a structured, interactive and relevant revision course so candidates are successful in their FRCEM exams.
We currently offer the following exams:

• FRCEM Primary
• FRCEM Intermediate SAQ
• FRCEM critical Appraisal


Being a student, you might already know this fact that a lot of candidates try to go through the whole syllabus before actually attempting Rcem exams. They go all-out to get their heads around thousands of questions yet still do not manage to pass this exam. Therefore, when it comes to Frcem exam prep and revision, it is extremely imperative for students to be familiar with the most critical and relevant topics from the exam’s point of view. That is where our qualified team of experts at EMIN Training comes to rescue you.

We have hired proficient emergency medicine doctors and consultants who take the responsibility to tailor those targeted mock exams that truly help you when you actually appear in the Mrcem exam. Our qualified specialists have managed to collect the most notable themes, gathered their correct answers and also called attention to all the potential distractions in stem.

What Makes Us The Best?

Have you fulfilled all the Frcem exam eligibility requirements and now you are planning on to do some final revisions before actually appearing in the exam? If the answer is yes, you’ve come to the right place. Unlike many online courses that are based on mechanical learning models and drastically lack human interaction, our focus at EMIN Training is to give attention to every candidate who has enrolled in one of our courses.

Our unparalleled emergency physicians and specialists have devised an amazing format. It is effectively structured to teach you all elements that are the part of these exams, including emergency procedural skills, communication skills, assessment of the patient’s mental health, resuscitation skills and many more. What makes our revision coursers incomparable is that in addition to assessing, teaching, conducting mock exams, and giving feedback, we offer you a simplified approach to deal with each component of FRCEM exams.

Isleworth, Middlesex
Cranmore Avenue, TW7 4QW
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